VAPEit CBD Infused E Liquid


Our CBD infused E-Liquid is a perfect PG/VG blend. This perfect blend allows the CBD E liquid to get vaped alone. Or added with your favorite E Liquid to vape CBD in your favorite flavor. VAPEit is odorless and tasteless. Which makes it a perfect match for someone who doesn’t vape often and wants to vape it alone. It is also great for the person who vapes on regular basis and has a favorite E juice they want to add the VAPEit to.


VAPEit CBD E-Liquid


Some CBD vape oils and CBD e Liquids on the market have high PG amounts. That are in the range of 70% to 100% PG, which can cause health issues for some people. People experience things like itching mouth with burning sensations in the throat. Some people experience stomach issues from high PG ratios. Or other PG (Propolyne Glycol) intolerance symptoms. Libre has addressed this issue by producing a vapable CBD e Liquid that is in equal parts of VG/PG. So it can is able to get used alone or added to a consumer’s favorite e liquid.


Libre VAPEit has also addressed the common problem. The Problem of low CBD mg strengths. by providing higher CBD mg levels per ml made from a pure CBD isolate that contains no other cannabinoids for quicker results that include 100 mg, 200 mg, and 300 mg strengths in 15 ml bottles.



Beware of many CBD oils and CBD E Liquids that are available, because they are not designed as true vape oils. They have been designed as oral products. 



Their base may include coconut oil, hemp seed oil, grape seed oil or some other type of oil that has is mixed with VG. Many of these oils are not compatible with vape equipment and will solidify.


Which over time can clogging up the tanks or burning through coils more often. Libre developed a true CBD vape oil made with VG and PG. the same ingredients premium E liquids are made of, that works in all tanks.





Libre VAPEit CBD



CBD Vape Juice by Libre is leading the way in providing the highest quality. Purest premium CBD Vape, or Cannabidiol infused e liquid.


Along with other CBD infused products. This CBD Oil infused Vape juice actually works because of the purity of the CBD.


Discover an alternative to medical marijuana without getting any of the THC. By using the only legal alternative to medicinal marijuana, CBD or cannabidiol. These CBD Vape Juice products are legal in all 50 states because the products contain CBD, cannabidiol that is extracted from the hemp plant and not a CBD/THC mix that had been extracted from a marijuana plant, which is only obtainable by using a state issued medical marijuana card.



Libre produces USA made CBD vape juice with a higher potency and purity than most CBD e liquids on the market.


The products that Libre provides are created from a type of CBD that is not chemical synthesized. And is 3rd party lab tested, plus HPLC Certified as 99% Pure AEOE™ CBD Isolate. This CBD vape juice was created from a natural plant based hemp.

When CBD is isolated and extracted direct from the hemp plant. Like the Libre CBD isolate, it is legal in all 50 states. The certificate of analysis shows the purity of the CBD used to make the Libre dietary supplement  products.

The Libre CBD isolate extraction process. Is performed with advanced proprietary technologies. utilized by many pharmaceutical labs, at a state of the art manufacturing facility so that Libre will always be able to distribute natural, pure CBD products.



Research has shown that vaping E liquid infused with CBD is the quickest acting. Most effective and least invasive way to consume products infused with CBD or cannabidiol. CBD tinctures certainly have their place among CBD infused products, Yet, studies have found that vaping CBD oil vape juice allows the cannabidiol or CBD dietary supplement to get absorbed much faster into the body utilizing the CBD at a much more effective rate.

Our unique CBD vape juice offers the vaping community. With a breakthrough in CBD infused Vape products. Vaping the Libre high concentrations of premium cannabidiol offers a smooth, and enjoyable relaxing experience while delivering real results that users are quick to notice.

Discover the Libre Cannabidiol infused eliquid line. A line that offers a variety of CBD oil vape juice strengths. that provide the exact dose required while providing the pleasures of vaping.

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