Sherrie Chastain

Sherrie Chastain got involved in alternative healing at a young age. She is a health consultant with over 30 years of experience. Sherrie has helped people control and recover from many different kinds of health issues. Her love of helping people and botany grew into a career where she owned an organic garden center. Offering therapeutic remedies, people came from all over Texas to visit her garden center.

Her love for alternative healing comes to Libre because of Cody Chastain. His PTSD caused such bad headaches, Sherrie knew she must find him natural help. Cody received his first sample of CBD vape and got relief. Sherrie knew then this could finally be the answer. The answer for Cody, the answer for all PTSD soldiers. As a mother, Sherrie wanted to insure that Cody used the highest quality of CBD. That he not ingest any foreign chemicals into his body that could worsen his condition. The search for the perfect CBD was difficult. Finding CBD infused products that provided consistent results became next to impossible. This was because of the quality control issues in a new exploding market.

Because of the scarcity of quality CBD infused products Libre evolved. Currently Sherrie is a Co Founder, Internet Marketer, and Customer Consultant of Libre. Sherrie enjoys doing work behind the scenes for Libre. She works hard to get information out to the public. It is important to Sherrie that people have access to information as well as products. Sherrie saw the relief her son Cody got from CBD. As a mother she wants every parent to be able to help their child. Sherrie also gets relief from CBD herself! Using products offered by Libre, Sherrie is able to combat her fibromyalgia. Something she has battled with for most of her life.

In her spare time away from the computer, Sherrie Chastain loves to be outdoors. She enjoys long walks on the beach to clear her mind. Her passion is with the earth. Whether that be sand between her toes, hands dirty in the garden or hiking in the mountains. Sherrie is a mother of two and a proud grandmother of 4. She loves to spend time with her grandchildren. Sherrie plans to travel the world and experience as much as she can.

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Sherrie Chastain

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