Parkinson’s Relief Interview:


Parkinson's Relief

This interview between Dr. Robert Rodgers and Charlotte about Parkinson’s Relief reveals many answers to questions about Parkinson’s and using CBD, cannabidiol. 

Charlotte Clarkson is one of the founders of Libre which is an American owned company producing high quality CBD products at affordable prices!

Charlotte was exposed to a healthy lifestyles and alternative healing because she grew up in Boulder Colorado. Working in a dispensary provided her with hands on experience, which has now blossomed into her career of creating high quality unique, CBD infused products.

Parkinson’s Relief

Quick FAQ:

What is CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids that comes from Cannabis and Hemp.

Where does CBD come from Marijuana? Isn’t that illegal?
CBD can be extracted from both Marijuana and Hemp. If the CBD is extracted from industrial hemp it is legal in all 50 states!

How does CBD help neurodegenerative diseases?
Now that question, you’ll have to listen to the show for! But let’s just say Parkinson’s disease is definitely on the list and benefits are awesome!

Who is Libre, Where did they come from and what do they offer?
Libre is owned by 4 people who have a passion for offering affordable natural pain relief! Libre meaning “free”, in the sense of “having freedom” or “liberty” describes our products perfectly. Using Libre allows people suffering from pain to be free from their ailments. Giving them their freedom; a child not having seizures, a soldier relieving his headaches and nightmares from PTSD, a young woman keeping her liver healthy from not taking over the counter medications for extreme menstrual cramps, an autistic child the freedom to live without medication, providing inflammation relief from a fibromyalgia sufferer, a grandfather whose Parkinson’s makes the day to day beyond difficult, a teenager whose MS is so bad he was suffering from upwards of 130 seizures a day. And this is to just name a few.

Libre currently offers two products, with a third to launch late March 2016. ADDIt is an additive in a hemp seed oil base that allows the consumer to use it as a tincture (drops under the tongue) or adding it to food and beverages. ADDit currently comes in a 15ml bottle, in 100mg, 200mg and 300mg with higher strengths coming soon.

VAPEit is an E Liquid allowing consumers to add it to their favorite ELiquid. It is a clear, nicotineless PG/VG blend that can be vaped alone or with any E Liquid, making it the ideal CBD vape. The E Liquid can be vaped in anything from a disposable basic E Cigarette tank all the way up to drippers.

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