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ADDit is a hemp oil that is infused with CBD!

No flavor added, taken by itself, ADDit has a light nutty flavor. This CBD infused dietary supplement product is perfect because it can be added into food and drinks for a flexible way to ingest. Libre decided to infuse CBD into hemp oil, because hemp oil contains Omega’s, Amino Acids, and many other dietary supplements.

FEELit is an amazing quick acting cream!

The secret to the FEELit cream is the trans-dermal property, which means it penetrates the skin to start working immediately. With the addition of Peppermint, it has a soothing smell. 

VAPEit is unlike any other CBD vape oil!

The perfect VG/PG blend in VAPEit allows the CBD E liquid to be vaped in ANY tank. VAPEit will work in everything between a basic disposable CE4 tank to a Sub Ohm tank, plus it can even be used on a dripper (RDA).

Because VAPEit has no flavor, it has no taste or odor, and can either be vaped alone or added to your favorite E Liquid. This allows consumers to continue using their favorite E liquids.

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