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                  Libre believes in bringing the highest quality CBD to the world!

Our Mission

Libre believes in bringing the highest quality CBD to the world!

A company you can trust because Libre always produces high quality CBD infused dietary supplements that target everyone’s needs and preferences.

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Libre is a company you can trust, veteran owned, and is proud to say they are made in the USA!! Libre always produces high quality CBD infused dietary supplements. We offer products that target everyone’s needs and preferences. Created by three individuals with one mission in mind. The mission of helping people through something natural and affordable.

Awakened by the tremendous reality which is the United States national suicide rate. The current suicide rate in soldiers is 22 a day the number one cause of this is PTSD. Seeing the relief using CBD of one soldier suffering from PTSD. This was the ultimate realization that the three of us had to do something. Due to extensive market research, we found that we were completely disappointed. Disappointed by the lack in the available options for CBD. This lead to developing our own products. Products we knew we could trust and stand behind. Currently there are three products available with more in the works! Libre is currently concocting a special product for our fur babies we have in our lives. Because we know how animals are just as important as humans. 

Libre focuses on using CBD thats obtained in the cleanest way possible. As a matter of fact Using a cold rolled pressed method. Means there is ZERO chemicals involved in the extraction process. In short this means that customers will not be ingesting any harsh chemicals while trying to take CBD. This is important to us at Libre. When looking at the analysis on our main page. Customers will see that we are offering a high quality product. A product with no other cannabinoids present. And no harsh chemicals used during extraction process and ZERO THC!  

Without creating VAPEIt, Libre might not have ever started. There are so many companies available right now that offer a “vape” product. Sad thing about it is, they call it a vape but in fact it isn’t. Vaping coconut oil or hemp oil is not healthy. Not to mention that we have experienced first hand that it will cause damage to your tank and atomizers. The other major thing we found after market research. Was that there are many flavored CBD vape products on the market.

There is one major issue with this, people become partial to their flavors. This means someone buys a flavored CBD liquid. They vape it a few times and don’t use it again because they aren’t in love with the flavor. VAPEIt to the rescue! VAPEIt allows customers to vape an amazing E Liquid that is flavor and odor free! No taste, no smell, no color. Furthermore it is able to get vaped all by itself, or mixed with ANY flavor E Liquid. Another awesome feature is it comes blended in a way it can get put in ANY set up. No need for buying expensive equipment because. VAPEIt can also go in a basic disposable tank! This allows customers to add it to any set up they are already using

After developing VAPEIt, ADDIt was not far behind. Wanting to create something for everyone, Libre made an oral tincture. Due to ADDIt being an alcohol and honey free tincture which is unlike most of its competition. This allows anyone to use it. Suspended in hemp oil, customers will not only absorb the CBD. But also the Omegas and Amino acids that are natural in hemp oil. Libre uses an extra refined hemp oil that has little to no taste. This allows for ADDIt to go in recipes when cooking. Do not substitute ADDIt for the oil a recipe calls for, instead combine ADDIt to the oil! Check out the Blog page for some recipe ideas! 

Realizing that many companies offer a topical cream. Libre knew there had to be something better out there! Introducing FEELIt, an amazing transdermal cream! What this means to the customer is that the cream won’t just sit on top of the skin. The transdermal properties of FEELIt allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream. FEELIt can do this at a much faster rate than any other companies cream. Getting the CBD into the bloodstream faster means it will work that much quicker!

The ultimate reason for using a cream is so that one can apply it to the affected area and receive relief fast! FEELIt does the job, and does it not only fast but at an affordable rate! Furthermore, this product is offered in 4 different strengths. Two of which are extreme strengths! FEELIt a gluten free product, that uses organic compounds. Essential oils, making it perfect for everyone to use!

Libre Will help as much as possible.


There are more products in the works, so that Libre can be more versitile for more people! The goal is to help and educate as many people as possible. For more information or questions please EMAIL Info@CBDLibre.com 



To get to know each of the three Libre Founders better and more in-depth. Please click on of the links below to take you to there page. That will tell you there personal stories. And what has led them on this great adventure of being able to offer such amazing products


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