Hemp vs Marijuana

Hemp vs Marijuana


The image on the right shows the differences between the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. It is easy to see that these are 2 different types of plants. The main difference is the THC content, which must be below .3% to be considered a hemp plant instead of marijuana.




CBD Legal status is a question everyone is asking around the country. It all depends upon where the CBD originates from. Their are multiple laws that have been introduced for vote on this subject, because so many people have found health benefits that are not provided by any other medicines available.

Products made from CBD that is extracted from the Hemp plant stalk and seeds are legal in all 50 states. However, products produced from CBD that is extracted from Marijuana plants are only legal to obtain and use in a state that are legal for medical marijuana and the users must possess a medical marijuana card.

An easy way to understand the difference is that the medical benefits come from CBD, and THC is for recreational use. Because of this it is hard to find CBD only products, because the majority of the CBD products that are currently in America are extracted from medical marijuana since there are so many medically legal states.


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