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Cody Chastain is the number one reason Libre began. He grew up in a small town in north Texas. Cody got home schooled and raised on a cattle ranch. Cody’s mother Sherrie taught Cody about alternative healing at a young age. He got exposed to botany and herbal therapeutic remedies. After graduating high school early, Cody joined the military at the age of 17. 

Cody Chastain

Cody served 10 years on active duty in the United States Army. He did three tours to Iraq during the Iraqi war. Cody got a medical retirement from injuries while on deployment. Young and retired, Cody moved to Florida. In St. Petersburg Florida Cody opened an E Cigarette and Smoke shop. One day at the shop, Cody received a sample of a CBD E Liquid. Cody got almost instant relief from his extreme headaches caused from PTSD. Seeing the relief sparked Cody, Charlotte and Sherrie to do more research. 

Cody Chastain Riding Atv’s In Florida Swamp



After extensive research and market testing, it became clear what needed to happen. From that day Libre was born. The goal was to help Cody. To help war veterans, and to help people everywhere! Cody Chastain holds the titles of Co Founder, Chemist and Technical Adviser for Libre. As the chemist, Cody is trying new things and formulations. His goal is to deliver the highest quality products for Libre, for the customers, for the world.

One of Cody’s biggest passions in life is his children. Helping veterans with PTSD and people all over the nation will leave a legacy for his children. It is important to Cody to help people with PTSD and spread the knowledge he has about CBD. In his free time, Cody enjoys anything ocean and sea life related. His passions include diving, boating, underwater photography and much more. Cody loves the out doors, taking his truck off-road, snowboarding and exploring. He plans to travel the world and see things as a civilian.

Cody Chastain With Kids

Cody Chastain With his two kids

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