Charlotte Clarkson

Charlotte Clarkson



Charlotte Clarkson is a Founder, Cannabidiol Specialist and Product Creation Specialist. Growing up in Boulder Colorado exposed her to healthy lifestyle and alternative healing. Boulder offers alternative education, yoga, spiritual healing and much more. Charlotte has over ten years of sales experience. Working for large companies gave her excellent sales and marketing skills. Hands on experience working with CBD comes from working in a dispensary in Colorado. Charlotte became passionate about the relief people got from CBD and THC.

In 2015, Charlotte left Colorado. Charlotte came to Florida and worked with Cody Chastain at his E Cigarette shop. Cody received a sample of CBD in vape form. He got instant relief from his extreme headaches caused by PTSD. Cody decided to offer CBD in vape form for his customers. The public reaction was extraordinary. This sparked the initial market research for Libre.



Seeing how CBD was helping people Charlotte knew she must help create Libre. After extensive market research Libre arrived. Charlotte’s experience has blossomed into a career of creating unique CBD infused products. Customers reach out to her for her knowledge. Charlotte enjoys helping customers and writing articles for Libre.




Charlotte has a long-term goal of helping as many people as she can. She works hard at researching new studies involving CBD. She writes articles to help CBD gain more publicity. It is important to Charlotte that more people learn about the benefits of CBD. She hopes to partner up with more people to bring more awareness to the world. 

Charlotte Clarkson Sunset
Charlotte Clarkson Welcome to Boulder

In her free time, Charlotte loves to travel. She has family and friends in Colorado. Loves to spend time on the beach in and outside of the United States. Charlotte plans to travel the world before starting a family. At 29, she can’t wait to see where life will take her.

Charlotte Clarkson In Boulder Colorado

Charlotte Clarkson in Boulder Co

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