CBD Guacamole will become your favorite dip recipe because of the ability to get CBD while eating. You can use Libre ADDit to make your own CBD infused edibles. Libre is so flexible many people say it has become their go to cooking additive.

CBD Guacamole Libre

3 to 4 Avocados, depending upon size
1 diced tomato
1/2 white diced onion
1 tblsp mayo
2 tbsp lime juice
1/3 cup chopped cilantro
salt and pepper to taste
50 to 100 drops Libre CBD ADDit 300 mg (50 drops=50 mg, 100 drops=100 mg, increase drops as needed)


CBD Guacamole Instructions:

Mash avocados, stir in rest of ingredients. Store in refrigerator.

CBD Libre is available in a variety of mg strengths to use when making CBD recipes. Choosing a strength depends upon how often you want to consume CBD. CBD builds up in the system to allow your body to pull upon the reserve of CBD so you can use less after continual use.

Libre ADDit CBD is infused in the highest quality of hemp seed oil available. Many people are using ADDit to make CBD infused edibles instead of purchasing them, because of the cost. When Libre is used in recipes at home the CBD products will cost about a tenth of the price they would cost to buy them already made. Plus when you make your own CBD infused edibles you have the ability to control the quality, and the CBD strength per serving.

The best way to find your optimum strength of Libre CBD ADDit food additive is to experiment to see how much is optimum for your system. There are no side effects that have ever been reported by CBD users, or any risk of overdose from using too much. So experiment away to find your optimum CBD strength.

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