ADDit CBD Oral & Food Additive

ADDit CBD Libre food additive


ADDit An Oral CBD tincture and food additive that is a pure CBD. Furthermore it’s suspended in one of the highest quality Hemp Seed Oil’s on the market. Which provides the flexibility to get CBD in a variety of ways. ADDit can be a stand alone oral tincture by placing drops under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds then swallowing. Or it can get added to your favorite foods and beverages. 

Use your favorite recipe and just add some CBD Libre ADDit to the oil or butter. If the recipe does not call for oil or butter then just add it straight into the recipe as an extra ingredient. This can also get mixed into your favorite foods. Like oatmeal, coffee, orange juice, or even peanut butter. Or any other type of food to make taking CBD a breeze for the whole family.

CBD Butterfinger Bars Libre ADDit top


ADDit Oral CBD tincture and food additive is made using a pure CBD. Combined with the highest quality Hemp Seed Oil. Our Hemp seed oil can provide much needed Omega’s and Amino Acids. Which are lacking in most processed foods.

Hemp seed oil used in CBD Libre products.

Our hemp seed oil has been Cold Pressed using only the inner parts of hulled. We use only cleaned mature Hemp seeds for a non bitter taste. It has been cold filtered to remove moisture and deposits which can make hemp seed oils unstable. It is refined using a special process that uses no additives or harsh chemicals. Natural Antioxidant that contains Vitamin E which prevents any deterioration. With the absence of oxygen, bacteria, or moisture Sunlight does not damage it. Refrigeration is unnecessary with this hemp seed oil that has a light nutty flavor. Also normal cooking temperatures do not damage this hemp seed oil. Because its rich in Omega-3 and omega-6 which fight against microbes. Also it can help improve your bodies natural immune system. 

ADDit Oral CBD Tincture & Food Additive

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