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CBD oil ADDit

VAPEit E Liquid is a CBD oil additive to vape alone or add to your favorite E liquid.


Feelit Trans-dermal cream provides topical CBD oil applications directly to the affected area.

ADDit is an Oral CBD oil Tincture to be taken by mouth that can also be added to food.


Products by Libre use a 99.8% pure CBD that is extracted using a cold rolled process with no toxic chemicals. Only ice and water from GMO free organic grown Hemp. CBD that Libre uses only contains .2% moisture left from the ice and water, which shows no matter how healthy the extraction process used there is no way to get every single bit of residual out of the finished product. 

Alot of the CBD products available today get extracted using Butane or C02. Extraction process’s can leave toxic chemical residue in the CBD. With the amount of toxic residue depending from batch to batch. Residual amount’s depend upon how many times the product is purged after extraction.

Because the purging process takes several hours. Much of the CBD product available today are purged only a few times. The more times the product gets purged the purer it will become. Toxic chemical residues from Butane and C02 extraction methods that get left behind are being removed each time. Always check the analysis for any toxic residuals, which must be listed when tested.







Infused E Liquid vape additive. Made with the perfect PG/VG ratio to work in any type of E cigarette tank. This superior CBD oil vape product can be vaped alone in an e cigarette tank it has a light, refreshing flavor, or it can be added to any E Liquid.


Our CBD vape additive comes in a variety of strengths. Designed to deliver CBD into the system immediately through vapor. Studies show this method delivers CBD into the system quick, because it gets inhaled. Because Libre VAPEit was made from pure CBD, and not full cannabinoids the CBD can is felt within minutes of vaping.





CBD Oil VAPEit e liquid additive

CBD Oil Feelit 


Trans-Dermal cream is designed to provide the benefits of CBD to the affected area of the skin. CBD Trans-dermal cream can be applied as a topical cream and as needed.


This is a true pharmaceutical transdermal cream base. Unlike most of the CBD creams currently on the market that have been made from bases like Shea or Cocoa butter. FEELit CBD Transdermal cream immediately begins to penetrate the layers of the skin as soon as it gets applied it takes the CBD deep down into the layers of the skin. This transdermal cream application allows users to place the CBD right where needed.





CBD Oil FEELit transdermal cream

CBD Oil ADDit 


Oral tincture was designed to get dropped right under the tongue. Plus the ADDit can also get used as a food additive. Our CBD infused product is 99.8% pure CBD that is infused into Hemp Seed Oil. To provide the ability to take CBD oil either by mouth in an oral form or mix it into your favorite foods, drinks, or recipes. 


CBD taken by mouth or in food is a good option, because of the flexibility. The easiest way is to just take a dropperful under the tongue and wait about 30 seconds, then swallow. Using ADDit this way is a convenient way of receiving a daily dose of CBD.


Another way to get a daily dose of CBD is to add it to your favorite foods, beverages, or it can even get added to recipes. Just stir the drops of CBD into your favorite salad dressing right before you dress your salad. When making a single serving, just use the amount of CBD oil you take at one time.


Try adding a few drops to peanut butter, for a calming PB&J, or some peanut butter and apples or celery any recipe that uses butter or oil, is a good one to use CBD ADDit in. By just adding the CBD at the oil or butter phase of the recipe. When adding CBD ADDit into a recipe, figure out how much CBD you want in each individual serving. All you need to do then is multiply the amount of CBD wanted per serving by the number of servings to get the total of CBD oil you need to added into the recipe.










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